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Buying a Used RV 5th Wheel

Some people are against buying a Used RV 5th Wheel because they're not sure how it was previously taken care of. Good thing you came to visit NewRVsSearch.com, because below, you will find a checklist for buying a used RV. When inspecting a Used RV you want to buy, use this checklist to help.

Used RV 5th Wheel Checklist

(Item - Things To Look For)
Surfaces - Dents, dings, scratches or stains. Can we live with them?
Leaks - Warped or stained walls, especially in the corners. "Soft" spots around windows, vents and along the floor
Generator - Does it start smoothly? Voltage produces should be 110-125 volts
Lighting - Working? Fluorescent ones should come on at full brightness
Fans - Working? Do they need lubrication?
Door Hinges - Check for wear
Side Mirrors - Do they allow for good visibility?
Engine - Did it start on the first try? Unacceptable if not
Road Test Drive - Listen for bumping, grinding, creaking or clanging, any unusual sounds. Did it have enough power to get up a steep hill easily? Did it hesitate when the engine was hot? Check the braking power Check the spot where it was parked. Is anything leaking?
A/C - Run the air conditioner for at least 15 minutes and make sure it stays cool
Radio - Check all the radio controls and make sure all speakers, front and back, work
Cruise Control - Working?
Locks/Controls - Are all the door locks and interior controls working?
Steering - Check the play in the steering. Is it too loose?
Tires - Check the tires for wear and cracking
Belts/Hoses - Check for cracks - anything with a crack will have to be replaced
Exhaust - In sunlight, the exhaust should be clear. If there is bluish smoke, the engine is in trouble. It should also be odorless from a few feet away.
Refrigerator - Takes about 3 hours, but should stay cold and freezer to be icy cold using both propane and electric.
Stove/Oven - Light the oven and stove top burners.
Water - Try all the water faucets and check for leaks around the pump, water heater and tanks. Does the water inlet have a filter before the water gets to the pump? Is there a pressure regulator? Check under sinks for signs of previous leaks.
Holding Tanks - Run water into them and check for leaks
Bathroom - Is it big enough?
Interior Colors - Can you live with the colors?
Flooring - Check the condition of all carpet and flooring.
Windows - Do they all work properly?
Seating - Condition of seating and/or foam cushions.
Phone - Is it wired for a phone line?
Cable - Is it wired for cable TV?
Microwave - Does it work?
TV/Stereo - Do they work?
Front Dash - Is it in good condition? Is there room on the passenger side to build in a computer workstation?
Cigarette Lighter - Does it work?
Sleeping - Is the sleeping area large enough?
Exterior Compartments - Are they dry and clean, with no rusty areas?
Siding - Check the screws for rust and streaking. Are there rusted areas in the body?
Roof - Check for cracking on rubber roof, rust and loose screws on metal. Is there a roof rack?
Solar - Are there solar panels? How many house batteries?
Converter/Inverter -
Furnace - Start the furnace and be sure that it is working smoothly. Flame should not be too blue.
Awning - Pull out the awning and check condition and ease of use.
Interior Storage - Is there enough? Check in cupboards for signs of previous leaks.
Rear Ladder - Check the condition of the ladder.
Previous Owner - Can you contact the previous owner?
Vehicle Battery - Check the condition.
House Batteries - How many? Condition?
Manuals - Do they have the manuals for all appliances and equipment?

Checklist Source: TheCampingSource.com